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Boosting Supplements, Strengthen your Immunity

Beware of well-meaning unqualified advice – check with a qualified practitioner
With over 43% [1] of the population taking supplements it is important to seek qualified advice. Did you know that certain medication can block supplements rendering them ineffective? Even the oral contraceptive pill can increase the need for some nutrients [2].
Not all high dose nutrition/herbal foods suit all people – ask me if your smoothie with your immune boosting food is right for your health condition. Did you know that some foods can make a medication not work as well or cause additional health concerns?
Stress lowers your immunity [3]
With over 35% of Australians reporting to be stressed, this is where a number of us fall down [3, 4].  We may eat correctly and take supplements, but there are over 50 different supplements for reducing stress, get the right one for you. Whether you need help sleeping or *coping with stress, supplements can be tailored to assist you.
Did you know that not all supplements are quality supplements?
My supplement advice is based on years of experience using practitioner products ensuring the highest quality and efficacy and form of the supplement.
Book an appointment today (I do Zoom) to either tailor your immune supplements or reduce the amount you are taking to ensure you are getting quality with efficacy.
*Don’t forget that coping with stress in these times may involve a multi-disciplinary team, such as a psychologist, GP, acupuncturist.

There are many things that add up to a lower functioning immune system, many of these things we cannot control such as genetic conditions, but some of us can take control and boost immunity in simple ways.
Now is the time to have that serious discussion with me. I have over twenty years of experience in boosting immunity in clinical practice. I will guide you from a whole health perspective with a positive insight into what works and what doesn’t for you specifically.
We are busy, but changing your immune boosting supplements are just a phone call (or Zoom meeting) away! Call the clinic to arrange your tailored supplement regime.  30 minute consults are $100 until the end of May.
Taking you through your current health and medications (if any) I can make easy suggestions according to your budget to make the most of your immune health.

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