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Prof Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

Prof Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson


About Prof Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson has a unique approach to complex health issues. As a master of health sciences a naturopath and a nutritionist, she has a firm understanding of disease conditions through pathology and pathophysiology which assists her in person-centred treatment. Her successful clinical experience spans three decades. She is a senior lecturer at university and is widely acclaimed for her peer presentations on health conditions nationally and internationally. Her unique body system assessment has seen her formulate treatment for many health crises.

What you can expect from a consultation with Teresa is attention to the detail of the individual health issue rather than a disease.  She approaches health through a systematic appraisal of therapy based on consideration of the organism as a whole. There may be a need to gain further pathology or functional testing where she works collaboratively with the team at The Bourke Street clinic.

She specializes in:

·       Mature age infertility

·       Post-viral syndromes

·       Radio and chemotherapy support

·       Skin conditions

·       Gastrointestinal conditions

·       Autoimmune symptoms

·       Chronic disease pain management