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Dr Nicoletta Fisicaro

Dr Nicoletta Fisicaro

General Practitioner

Dr Nikki is a metabolic doctor who believes in prescribing diet and lifestyle changes before drugs. She takes a holistic approach to complex conditions like diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver, gut dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmunity. Dr Nikki works with patients to correct dysfunctions of metabolism, microbiome and mitochondria by establishing the key pillars of well-being: nutrition, movement, sleep and mindset.

She has a keen interest in biohacking and longevity and loves supporting her patients experiment with evidence based dietary interventions, supplements and nootropics.


Metabolic and mitochondrial health
Root cause medicine
Ancestral health
Evolutionary lens
Photobiomodulation and circadian health
Low carb/keto/paleo/carnivore/AIP/GAPs protocols
Therapeutic/Intermittent fasting
Biohacking and preventative health

Dr Nikki is fiercely committed to practicing what she preaches. In her spare time she can be found lifting weights, running after her kids and walking her dog in the sunshine listening to the latest longevity podcast. Nikki also has a degree in architecture – her other true passion!