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Why Am I So Tired All the Time?

Written by:

Dr Natasha Feingold

In today’s busy world with the juggle of work, personal and family commitments, it is VERY commonplace to find yourself asking, “Why am I so tired all the time?”

Dr Natasha Feingold is a well-respected GP at Bourke Street Clinic who has extensive experience with her patients asking this very question so we asked her to shed some light on this very important topic.

“Almost everyday a patient comes in asking me why they are so exhausted. I think it’s easy to blame lethargy on modern society and ever increasing levels of stress, but I also think it’s important that patients find a good, thorough GP who can investigate their symptoms,” said Dr Feingold.

Some common causes of tiredness include:

–          Thyroid dysfunction

–          Iron deficiency

–          Anaemia

–          Depression

–          Menopause

–          Sleep apnoea

–          Heart disease

–          Diabetes

–          Hormone deficiencies/abnormalities

–          Medication side effects

“Some patients tell me that they have had blood tests done and they were all normal, so they were told that there’s not much more a doctor can do. Unfortunately, some of these patients haven’t been asked about their sleep patterns, their diet or even their mental health, which can all contribute significantly to their energy levels. It’s also very important to me that my patients get a proper work up which might include tests that are more specialised, if necessary.”

At Bourke Street Clinic, we pride ourselves on listening to our patients and making sure no stone goes uncovered when investigating their complaints. We also work as a multidisciplinary team with our dietician, psychologist and other local allied health professionals to ensure that you are getting the best, most holistic care possible.

“The greatest part about working at Bourke Street Clinic is that I am able to spend a great deal of time with my patients. We are not the type of practice that promotes churning through patients. All the practitioners here share a strong commitment to understand the needs of our patients and provide compassionate, good quality health care.”

If you are looking to take charge of your health, Dr Natasha Feingold is currently accepting new patients and would be happy to speak with you about your tiredness and how we can diagnose and improve your symptoms.

Written by:

Dr Natasha Feingold

Written by:

Dr Natasha Feingold