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Dr Lucy Herron

Dr Lucy Herron

General Practitioner


About Dr Lucy Herron

Dr Herron has been a GP since 2010. Lucy is passionate about all aspects of General Practice and she loves the variety of issues that she encounters on a day-to-day basis. She has a particular interest in Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Gut health and Mental Health. She enjoys incorporating evidence-based lifestyle and natural therapies into her medical practice and finds their combination with more conventional therapies to be highly effective.

Underpinning all care she believes that a focus on prevention is critical to good health. This includes optimising the mind-body connection and the impact of mental well-being on physical health. To help achieve a positive balance Lucy believes in the efficacy of mindfulness meditation, a technique that she has trained in teaching. She would be happy to discuss some mindfulness techniques with any patients who feel that this may assist them.

When not working, Lucy can be found practising yoga, spending time with her family and friends, cooking and enjoying the outdoors.