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Dr Jennifer Hunter

Dr Jennifer Hunter

General Practitioner

About Dr Jennifer Hunter

Dr Jennifer Hunter combines a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches in order to provide her patients with high quality, individualised care. She has many broad interests in medicine that include mental health and well-being, complex long-term health problems, nutrition and lifestyle medicine, as well as preventative medicine, and promoting optimum health and wellness. Jennifer works alongside her patients to help them restore and sustain their health by correcting underlying imbalances and building resilience. She achieves this through personalised interventions that may include lifestyle modifications, supporting psychosocial factors, diet, nutritional supplements, herbal and pharmaceutical agents. Dr Hunter has a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney and is a researcher, investigating complementary and integrative medicine health services and policy. She publishes her research in peer review journals and speaks extensively in Australian and abroad. Dr Hunter also sits on the NICM Research Advisory Committee, Western Sydney University and is an advocate for the recognition of the cultural healing practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through activities such the Public Health Association of Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Jennifer uses yoga for corrective therapy and loves to cook, using food as medicine. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, playing the piano and gardening. 

Typical practice hours

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8 AM

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6 PM